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Our mission is to provide the most reliable services to meet your technology needs, giving you the greatest return on investment, all while glorifying the One who allows us the privilege of caring for the land we farm.

We have used technology in our operations for grid sampling, variable rate fertilizer and lime applications, variable rate planting and side dressing operations and yield monitoring.


With the data we have collected we have been able to increase yields and better control and understand more clearly where our inputs are going. This has enabled us to make sound decisions on marketing and input purchases.

Ed Pollock, SDG Precision Ag Specialist 


With more than eight years of operating, installing, and servicing precision ag equipment, ​​Ed has the experience and expertise to add value to your business with precision ag solutions. 


Ed's knowledge of a wide range of GPS equipment and software uniquely enables him to work with you and your goals -- whether it is getting started with a light bar, better understanding data you are already collecting, or better leveraging the GPS tracking for profitability in your business. 


Growers and custom applicators alike will appreciate Ed's honesty, professionalism, and attentive service -- before and after the sale.

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